Our Core Values


These six (6) Core Values are the hallmark of Franciscan identity and spirituality passed on to us by our founders – the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Jamaica.

Our stakeholders are committed to the pursuit of educational goals. We embrace these values and give expression to them in our personal attitudes and actions. All together, they enrich our relationships as a family as well as with the wider community.


NB. Gospel Poverty is the first Beattitude taught by Jesus (Matthew 5:3). It is an attitude of total dependence on God.  In embracing Gospel Poverty I recognize that all that I am, and all that I have come from God. By myself I can do nothing and I am nothing; I am poor. This attitude manifests itself through acts of generosity, which further highlight the fact that one's gifts are meant not for self only, but to be shared with others.


(Below, see the Franciscan Tau with cord worn by Franciscans. The knots on the cord symbolize the Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience pronounced by Franciscans.)


HCHS CORE VALUES 2   Copy           TAU