The Guidance Department 

Our Guidance Department forms shares in the School's commitment to the total health and well-being of all stakeholders. Manned by two well trained and experienced Guidance Counsellors, it is the goal of the Department to provide programmes that are aimed at providing support for the emotional, behavioural and general mental health of all members of the School's community.

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The Department proudly boasts the establishment of the OASIS (therapy room) where the Counsellors are able to provide stress, art and play therapy for everyone; especially those stakeholders who have undergone a particularly stressful change in life, such as divorce, remarriage, violence, long term illnesses such as cancer and even the death of loved ones. In those cases where the individual needs greater care, they are referred to skilled clinicians.

Our Guidance Counsellors are highly trained to recognize the presence of several disorders that are related to both cognitive and behavioural difficulties. Such cases are also referred to trained clinicians who are able to guide these students to a place of better well-being.

The Department also serves in an administrative role; especially for those students in Grade 11 and Sixth Form by:

• Providing academic counselling as to the choice of the best Universities for the field of study for the particular student, whether it is locally or overseas.

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• Helping students to access various scholarship programmes and grants that are available for tertiary level education.

• Assisting students to complete the forms necessary for higher education.

• Authentication of critical documents needed to pursue higher education.

• Supervising the PATH programme which involves the disbursement of lunch tickets for the respective students.

• Supervising and teaching the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) programme [this is part of the Ministry's mandate and has a special programme for students in Grades 7 and 9].

• Providing additional support in times of crises through home and hospital visits.

Our Guidance Department is part of the heart of the School's community; helping to further the 'sound mind' and overall good emotional health of all.

Guidance Counsellors: Ms.T. Richards and  Mrs. A. Dalrymple-McCallum

Head of Department:          Mrs. G. Brown