Mrs. Karen Kennedy

Sister Mary Andrew Campbell, FMS
General Minister, Franciscan Missionary Sisters                              DSCN3303

Sister Maxine Marie McIntosh, FMS

Miss Delrose Campbell
Legal Expert

Mrs. Marva Duncanson
Expert in Education

Miss Cheryl Foreman
Expert in Education

Mrs. Elizabeth McGregor

Expert in Finance

Mr. Clovis Metcalf, O.D.
Expert in Finance

Mrs. Marion Ebanks
Expert in Finance

Miss Marilyn Headley, O.D.
Expert in Environmental Research

Miss D. Mollison
Academic Staff Representative

Miss M. Parchment (Bursar Clerk)
Administrative Staff Representative

Miss Joyce Heslop
Ancillary Staff Representative

Miss Octavia Smith (Student Council President)
Student Council Representative

Miss Olivia Sinclair (President, Alumnae Association)
Alumnae Representative

Dr. Rhonda Hutson (PTA President)
PTA Representative

Mr. Carlton Facey
Local Community Representative

Mrs. S. Smith-Whyte
Education Officer

Dr. Carrol J. Pickersgill, O.D., JP.
Representative for the National Council on Education


                                                                                                                                                                            Shrine dedicated to our Blessed Mother who is depicted holding her child - Jesus