Sister Maxine McIntosh, FMS, Principal                                              

Sister Maxine has been serving as Principal since April 2009. She is a Franciscan Missionary (“Blue”) Sister who has devoted 21 years of dedicated service to Holy Childhood High School. A former teacher of Religious Education and Social Development, Sister Maxine enjoys the Arts, Reading, Sports, and Nature. Sister Maxine now leads the Team with vision, innovation, creativity, passion, and fun!        


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Ms. Coghiel, Vice Principal, Curriculum Planning and Development                                      

As Vice-Principal for the Upper School, Miss Coghiel also holds responsibility for Curriculum Development and Planning; a task which she has embraced with much zeal, enthusiasm and innovativeness. Miss Coghiel is a former Coordinator for 6th Form and former teacher of Caribbean Studies, Geography, Social Studies and Sociology. She is admired for her organizational skills and meticulous nature.

Miss Coghiel has been serving as Vice-Principal since 2011. She values honesty and integrity, and commands respect from both her colleagues and students. Her personal philosophy is: "The Lord is the strength of my life."                     



Mrs. Dunn-Greene, Acting Vice Principal, Staff and Student Affairs        

Mrs. Dunn-Greene assumed duties as Acting Vice-Principal on September 1, 2014 after serving as Head of the Geography Department for 22 years. In total, she has given loyal service to Holy Childhood High School for 26 years. Her gentle, humble, and cordial personality endears her to both staff and students.

This lovely gem brings to the Administrative Team her gifts of discernment, insight, wisdom and sense of humour. Mrs. Dunn-Greene is a Roman Catholic. She is also an avid photographer; (in fact, she is the official photographer for the School's website) and a lover of nature.