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Head, Heart, Hands, Health                     4-H Display                                                                        4-H Executive Body

The Holy Childhood High School 4-H Club focuses on five (5) life skills which are necessary for youths to become productive citizens:
1. An Inquiring Mind
2. Sound Decision Making
3. A Positive Self-Concept
4. Concern for the Community
5. Healthy Interpersonal Skills

The Club’s Logo is a four leaf clover; with each leaf representing 4-H’s: HEAD, HEART, HANDS and HEALTH respectively. These 4-H’s speak to the holistic development of the total person and ultimately, the five life skills.

Membership: Over sixty (60) persons

Club Involvement & Exposure:

Each year students are taught many skills in the areas of Home-Economics, Art and Craft, Agriculture and other life skills.


Tie and Dye
Cake Baking and Decorating
Cushion Making
Making of Fruit Drinks
Making of Pantry Towels
Public Speaking
Goat Care and Management
Pig Care and Management
Rabbit Care and Management
Poster Competitions
Essay Competitions

Achievements & Awards
Students won various competitions at the Parish and National levels yearly.
 Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
 Trophies
 Cash Awards
 Certificates


The 4-H Club meets on Wednesdays
Time:                     2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Venue:                   Foods Lab
Club Advisors:        Ms. D. Mollison & Mrs. C Henry-Gordon