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The purpose of our Chess Club is to teach the game of Chess to individuals who are not able to play; and to sharpen the skills of those students who already know to play. Chess is a competitive board game in which players develop analytical and problem solving skills; while building their concentration levels.

Our Chess Club provides a welcome alternative for students who are not athletic and want to participate in an extra curricula activity. As a member of the Chess Club, one also develops social skills of patience, respect, and an appreciation of one’s talents as well as those of others.

Testimonies of Members

From the President
Chess Club has been a wonderful experience for me so far. It has impacted how I approach situations and it has developed my ability to think strategically. The Chess Club has also provided a competitive environment for me; a lover of the game.

The Chess Club has improved my leadership skills and social skills. My vision for the Chess Club in the coming year is to recruit more members and have us competing in some tournaments with other high schools so as to “Optimize the Brand with “RUAH” (Respect, Unity, Accountability, Humility).

- Alethia Walker

I like Chess Club because it helps me with my concentration. It is a very complex game which requires a lot of concentration. The Club helps me with my school work because it builds up my focus level: in order to win a game we have to be focused and in order to do well in school we need to focus; so it has helped me a lot.”

- Davina Gordon


The Chess Club meets on Mondays

Time:                   2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Venue:                 8-1 Classroom

Club Advisor:       Mr. K. Bowen