Givers Ink

In September 2013, Givers Ink was officially launched as a charity club and steps have been made to live up to our Mission Statement; "Leaving Our Mark Through Giving."

The foundation for Givers Ink was set in April 2012 when a number of Grade Eight students decided to make a charitable trip to Alva, St. Ann. This journey proved to be a remarkable one in that the young ladies fell hopelessly in love with giving and helping others. Having fallen in love, they recognized that they can be a blessing to others.

The journey continued further when the girls entered Grade Nine. Some of these girls and others decided that they wanted to pursue the gift of giving and with this in mind, they worked assiduously to work on projects which would have assisted them in gathering basic necessities for those who were in need.

This pursuit led them to visit three children's homes; one of which was New Hope Children's Home in Mandeville. We also visited Padmore Primary, where we repainted two classrooms and refurbished the entire entrance to the school. We also assisted in completing a vegetable garden. The students of the school were present so we had fun activities with them such as face painting and dancing.


Givers Ink (Charity) Club meets on Wednesdays
Time:                         2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Venue:                       8-3 Classroom
Club Advisors:           Ms. S. Wynter & Mrs. E. Edwards