Math Club

Motto: Building a foundation through a Mathematical perspective.


Objectives of the Club:

 To develop critical thinking skills in students.
 To establish a love for Mathematics and eliminate fear for the subject.
 To find ways to introduce Mathematics in creative ways.
 To find easy ways to learn different concepts in Mathematics.
 To create a supportive learning environment for Mathematics.
 To encourage the study and appreciation of Mathematics.

Club Song: (To the tune of “In the Box Rhythm” - a TV series)
Goodbye, farewell to you math friends.
Goodbye for now, until we meet again…
It’s been great to sing and play together in Math Club
and now it’s time to say goodbye. (Repeat)

Math Club Activities:

 Logical Mathematical activities such as brainstorming math questions
 Problem Solving
 Puzzles
 Sudoku Games
 Quiz
 Homework aids
 Socials

Sources of Some Games, Activities and Puzzles:

Why Choose a Mathematics-Related Profession?
Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving skills. For those with a substantial background in mathematics, an unlimited number of career opportunities are available. According to Jobs Rated Almanac, a 1990 publication of World Almanac Books of New York, NY, careers that require a very strong background in mathematics were listed as the five "best" jobs. They were:

• Software Engineer
• Actuary
• Computer Systems Analyst
• Computer Programmer
• Mathematician

The following list briefly describes work associated with some mathematics-related professions:

• Mathematics Teacher
• Operations Research Analyst Statistician
• Physician
• Research Scientist
• Computer Scientist
• Inventory Strategist
• Staff Systems Air Traffic Control Analyst
• Cryptologist
• Attorney
• Economist
• Mathematics Professor/Lecturer
• Environmental Mathematician
• Robotics Engineer
• Geophysical
• Ecologist
• Geodesist
• Photogrammetrist
• Civil Engineer
• Geometrics Engineer
• Carpentry
• Architect


The Math Club meets on Wednesdays
Time:                    2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Venue:                  10-6 Classroom
Club Advisors:      Ms. K. Gordon and Mrs. Y. Whyte

Membership: Approximately 30 active members

New members are invited.