Quiz Club


The Quiz Club is about educating students and exposing them to new study materials. “Quizites” are given notes from various subject areas such as: Current Affairs, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sports, Information Technology, Art, Music and Foreign Language.

After the notes are given, the students are given a period of time to study and know the materials given to them. Two teams are then chosen by splitting the Club in half based on seating arrangements. The two teams are called: Protons and Neutrons. The students then battle for points. English (both Language and Literature) and Mathematics are compulsory questions in each play-off match. The total points are accumulated and the team with the higher points standing receives multiple gifts and treats. 

The Club meets every Thursday in the Lecture Theatre. Future members of the School’s Quiz Team are mainly selected from the Quiz Club.

Be a Wiz!!!! Do the Quiz!!!!


The Quiz Club meets on Thursdays
Time:                       2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Venue:                     Lecture Theatre
Club Advisors:         Mr. D. Thomas, Ms. T. McIntosh & Mr. C. Douglas

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