Memories: 6th Form Graduates 2015

Outstanding Achievers




                         First Friday Mass in Holy Cross Church with Father Raphael Assamah


6th form recollection  DSCN3674    retreatcathlolicclub

Pictures 1 & 2: Sixth Form Day of Recollection with Father Frank Power,SVD  Picture 3: Catholic Club while on Retreat


mass52 MASS1MASS3

                                                     First Friday Mass in Stephanie Hall with Father Rohan Tulloch,SJ



careerday1 alumnaeday2   100 4008    

                    Picture 1: Career Day with Kerry-Ann "Kiki" Lewis    Pictures 2 & 3: Alumnae Day Activties



IMG 20130517 00194  IMG 20130517 00198  DSCN9284

           Pictures 1 & 2: Child's Day/Spirit (Fun) Day    Picture 3: Vocations Day Display



 staffcpr1 staffcpr2 staffcpr3

                                          Staff Receiving CPR Training from the Jamaica Heart Foundation Professionals


Musicclass1  20150327 091605 1 DSCN3684  

                                                                   Performing Arts: Music Class, Drama Club and Choir 



chessclub  chessclub3  CIMG4205 

                                                              Clubs in Action: Chess Club and The Red Cross Society


redcrossenroll   redcrossenroll5 

                                    The Red Cross Society's Enrollment Ceremony 2015 in Stephanie Hall


DSCN4216    DSCN4232

                                                       Fine Dining Experience 2015 in Stephanie Hall




                    HCHS Basketball Champions 2015... We are NUMBER ONE!!