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Deacon John Wright Blessing our campus for the opening of school                             CPR Demonstration (Heart Foundation of Jamaica)

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   I believe I can fly!! CHILDHOOD... HYPEE!!!!!!     Steel Band performance for school audience



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                                                               Fine Dining Experience


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Modestly Elegant in her Sari       She's Royal! African Princess       Stunning in her Asian Outfit


How would you describe the “Childhood Experience?"

“Learning in an environment that actualizes the human potential; unearthing and fostering cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being.” (Claudia Landley, Former Head Girl 2011-2012)

While our primary task at Holy Childhood is that of teaching and learning, the experience is both exceptional and unique. As a Christian institution, we observe the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. These are observed in our worship, on special religious occasions and in our use of religious symbols and rituals.

We learn the value of stewardship and generosity through the observance of Charity Days (every Tuesday) and engagement in community outreach projects. Student leadership and responsibility along with social skills are honed and developed through participation in various Clubs and Societies, Student Council, Sports and the Arts.

Our student leaders include our Head Girl along with her Executive Body; Senior Prefects (Sixth Form) who act as Peer Mentors; Prefects (Grade 11); Sub-Prefects (Grade 10), Student Councilors (all Grades), and Class Monitresses (all Grades). Our House and Sports Captains as well as the executive bodies of our Clubs and Societies also add to our cadre of student leaders.

Special events throughout each academic year contribute to the exciting and awesome spirit of adventure, challenge and reward which embody the “Childhood Experience.”


DSCN3412  Mr. Campbell on the go... another Field Trip coming up!



 Orientation of ALL Students
 Blessing of School
 Mass for the Opening of School
 Freshers’ Fete (for Grade 7 Students)

 First Friday Mass
 Vocations Day                                                     
 Charity Month (Propagation of the Faith)
 Heritage Week and Day Celebrations

 First Friday Mass                                       
 Prayers for the Deceased
 Prize Giving
 Dance Off Competition

 First Friday Mass                          
 Sixth Form Retreat
 Sixth Form Charity Day
 Advent Carol Service
 Class Parties

 Professional Development Seminar for Staff                                  
 Foundation Day
 Alumnae Day

 First Friday Mass                                                     
 Career Week & Day
 Sports Day
 Sports Awards Ceremony

 First Friday Mass                                                                   
 Nominations for, and Elections for Head Girl & Executive
 Days of Recollection for Students & Staff

 First Friday Mass
 Professional Development Seminar for Staff
 Administrative Professional Week & Day
 Miss Holy Childhood Competition
 Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF) Week
 Grade 11 School Leaving Ceremony
 6th Form School Leaving & Awards Ceremony

 First Friday Mass
 Marian Devotions
 Child’s Day & Spirit Day
 Teacher’s Day 

 First Friday Mass
 End of Year Examinations
 Valedictory Mass
 Graduation

 Summer School
 Compulsory Medical Examinations

 Compulsory Medical Examinations
 Professional Development Seminars for Staff