The Library




The Holy Childhood High School Library provides information services for the school’s community; namely the students, teachers, administrative and ancillary staff. Its main function is to support various educational programmes and to develop students’ skills in locating and using information.

The Library’s collection includes; printed materials such as reference texts, paperback novels, biographies, children’s and young adult literature, histories, newspapers and magazines (both local and international).

The staff offers special reference services as they are able to first discern the educational and recreational interest of our library users and then draw up a customized list of suggested titles for the users to read and consult.

Other services offered by the Library include: photocopying, internet, printing and circulation.
Established in 1993, our library has a seating capacity for approximately 60 students. In 2013 it was dedicated to the honour of Sister Edmund Mary Waul F.M.S. who was the School’s first librarian.


The Library now has a staff of 4 persons; Ms. E. Edwards (Teacher Librarian), Ms. M. Haase (Assistant Librarian), Ms. Y. Thomas (Library Aide) and Mr. R. Moore (Assistant, Internet Cafe).


Opening Hours are: Monday-Thursday 8:00- 4:00 pm and Fridays 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.