Administrative Support Staff



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Administrative Support Team                                                           Senior Administrative Assistants


The Holy Childhood High School Administrative Staff has the responsibility of providing consistent, quality and efficient service to all. This dynamic team of 29 Administrative Professionals plays a pivotal role in the functioning of the School's administration.

In 2011 the School's administration implemented the Administrative Professional of the Year Award.

The Award that year went to Mrs. Natalie Paisley-Kerr (2011-2012). Subsequent winners were Miss Marcia McCrae (2012-2013)Miss Nadeen Quest (2013-2014 and 2014-2015) and Mr. D. Brooks and Ms. L. Mullings (joint winners for 2015-2016).

Since 2010 the School has observed Administrative Professionals Week and Day during the last week of April and the last Wednesday in April respectively. The Day is celebrated to honour the staff for their loyal and dedicated service. This is done with style and great fun.


The Team 

Mrs. A. Rhoden-Lewis

Miss R. O'Meally
Administrative Assistant to the Guidance Counsellors

Miss M. McCrae
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Miss N. Quest
Assistant Administrative Assistant to the Principal and Vice Principals

Miss L. Mullings
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal, Staff and Students Affairs

Mrs. K. Bryan-Harvey
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal, Curriculum Planning and Development

Ms. N. Barrett
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal

Mrs. K. Brown-Fearon
Administrative Assistant to the Sixth Form Coordinator

Mrs. C. Mills
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. M. Lewis

Miss K. Brown
Assistant Bursar

Miss M. Parchment
Bursar Clerk

Mr. B. Rhooms
Plant Manager

Mr. D. Brooks
RenWeb System Administrator

Miss M. Walsh
Computer Lab Technician

Miss M. Haase
Assistant Librarian

Miss Y. Thomas
Library Aide

Ms. O. Campbell
Assistant HCHS, Internet Cafe

Mr. D. Maxwell
Supervisor, HCHS Book Shoppe

Miss F. Pryce
Sales Assistant

Mrs. M. Thompson

Supervisor, Book Rental/Receptionist

Dr. M. Cole
Medical Doctor

Miss J. Richards
Registered Nurse

Miss R. Locke
Dental Nurse

Miss M. Bennett
Dental Assistant

Mrs. L. Chambers
Assistant, Health Centre

Mr. S. Edwards
Science Lab Technician - Chemistry

Miss P. Thompson
Science Lab Technician - Biology

Mr. R. Moore

Science Lab Technician - Physics