Ancillary Department


Our Ancillary Staff consists of 7 Custodians, 5 Grounds-men and 1 Casual Worker. These members of staff provide general janitorial services to the School community. They are also involved in outreach ministry where janitorial service is offered to the elderly and physically challenged at home. 

To assist in their personal development, they are engaged in annual Development Seminars, Workshops and Days of Recollection. 

In appreciation for our staff, time is also given for outings to interesting places around the island. In 2013, the School's administration initiated the Custodian of the Year and the Grounds-man of the Year awards. 

The 2 – time winners of these Awards are:

Custodian: Miss Joyce Heslop (2013 and 2014)

Grounds-man: Mr. Jonathon Smillie (2013 and 2014)




L-R: Mr. K. Valentine, Mr. W. Fraser, Ms. P. Lodge, Ms. H. McFarquhar, Ms. E. Henry, Ms. J. Heslop, Mrs. L. Willis-Blair, Ms. J. James, Ms. N. Lawrence, Ms. H. Mattis, Mr. L. Hall, Mr. J. Smillie, Mr. D. McIntosh, Mr. L. Simmonds, Mr. H. Campbell and Mr. B. Rhooms (supervisor)