The Grade 10 supervisors are responsible for the management and smooth running of the Grade classes as it relates to the assigned Form Teachers and students.

As part of the continuing development of our students, we assign those who demonstrate academic and behavioural prowess the rank of Sub-Prefects. These Sub-Prefects are assigned to the various classes across Grades 7-10 in a further attempt to encourage responsibility and leadership.


head sub prefect sub prefect

Head Sub-Prefects                                                                       Sub-Prefects


                                           block Monitresses

                                            Block Monitresses


Daily block checks on attendance and punctuality of teachers and students are carried out by the Grade Supervisors. Behavioural challenges are also referred to them as they occur. At the end of each semester they supervise the preparation and completion of students’ reports.

As co-ordinators, our Grade 10 Supervisors lead by example and strive for excellence as they model integrity, loyalty, discipline and spiritual commitment.


Grade 10 Booklist 2017 - 2018

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Grade Supervisors: Mrs. C. Pratt, Ms. M. Williams