Representatives of our Esteemed Graduating Class (2015)


Grade 11 comprises the Graduating Cohort for each academic year. At this stage, students are making preparation to sit their school leaving examinations, namely the Caribbean Secondary Examinations (CSEC). Consequently, the goal in Grade 11 is to optimize educational opportunities in order to produce model citizens who will make meaningful contributions to society.

Currently, the Prefect Body is made up of Fifth Form students who work in conjunction with the Sixth Form Body who make up the Senior Prefects. They are assigned responsibilities pertaining to general discipline of both the Grade and the School. They also assist with conflict resolution as Peer Mediators.

The Grade 11 Supervisors work in conjunction with Administration to ensure that all aspects of school policy are effectively executed. They also liaise with the Form Teachers and Subject Teachers in dealing with student behaviour. 

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Grade 11 Booklist 2017 - 2018


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Grade Supervisors: Mr. D. Evans, Mrs. M. Smith-Ferguson