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Winners of Grade 8 Science Quiz Competition pose with their Form Teacher Mrs. C. Grant-Serju


As students transition from Grade 7 to Grade 8, the Supervisors and Form Teachers work as a Team to find creative ways to bring out the best in Grade 8 students. As a start, student leaders are selected and given the task of helping with the smooth running of Grade 8. They are the Class Monitresses, Block Monitresses and the Energy Monitors.

Class Monitresses are elected by their peers with the recommendation of their Form Teachers. They are responsible for maintain order in the classroom. Here they learn tolerance, respect and patience; thereby earning the respect of their peers and teachers.

Block Monitresses are given the task of monitoring the corridors and bathrooms to get students to move quickly and quietly to their classrooms.

Energy Monitors are responsible for monitoring and turning off lights and fans when they are not in use.

This year (2014-2015) the Grade 8 Talent and Class Competition was introduced to encourage and motivate students to work towards a goal. This Competition allowed students an opportunity to unleash their talents while competing for prizes in Class Discipline, Cleanliness and Creativity. The School's theme for the academic year is the hallmark for students' creativity:

"Optimize the Brand with RUAH!" (Respect, Unity, Accountability, Humility)


Prizes of Trophies, Medals and Cakes are awarded on the basis of students' performance in the various categories:

• The Most Disciplined Class
• The Cleanest Grade
• The Most Beautifully Decorated Classroom


Grade 8 Booklist 2017 - 2018


Grade Supervisor:                  Mrs. K. Beckford-Thomas
Grade Supervisor: Ms. M. Rhone