Grade9 1

Winners of the Grade 9 Best Class Competition 2013-2014


Grade 9 is a critical year for our students….they are at the transitional stage of development and finding themselves. It is also at this stage that much focus is given to choosing their career path and a greater sense of responsibility and self- control come into play.

To assist them in this development process, our Grade 9 students are empowered through leadership roles: Class Monitresses, Student Councillors, Block Monitresses and Environmental Scouts. Healthy competition and excellence are encouraged through the Best Class and Environmental Competitions. Students are awarded annually for outstanding leadership and other meritorious qualities. Our students matriculate to Grade 10 after graduation from Grade 9 (See pictures below showing excerpts from Grade 9 Graduation Ceremony).


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Grade 9 Booklist 2017 - 2018


Grade Supervisors: Mrs. S. Laidley-Haynes; Ms. J. Green