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Representatives of the Sixth Form Body  2014-2015


Here at Holy Childhood High, our 6th Form occupies a unique position; forming a vibrant and vital part of the School’s community. As Senior Prefects, this body assists the School’s administration with enforcing discipline: The Head Girl and her Executive Committee are selected from this body. Each 6th Former is assigned to a Form Class, with whom is built a loving, caring and nurturing big sister/little sister relationship.

Sixth Form students also occupy the leadership roles in the various clubs and societies, as well as the Houses that compete in a variety of events including Sports Day. They also act as Peer Counsellors and intermediaries between students and staff.

In addition, the Sixth Form body takes responsibility for engaging the rest of the student body in a number of social events such as: Freshers’ Fete (for Grade 7); the greatly anticipated Dance Off Competition; and the ever popular Miss Holy Childhood Competition along with many others. These events are geared towards the showing that school is not just about academics but also great fun. The funds derived from these events are used to sponsor school and community outreach projects that are identified and organized by the Sixth Form body on their Charity Day.

The Holy Childhood Senior Prefect exemplifies the standards of the School. She is an adept role model who learns how to balance academics with responsibility; and knows that, privileges are earned and are to be kept for future generations.

Special Sixth Form Activities/Organizations:

• Sixth Form Association (SFA) - Interaction with other Sixth Forms
• School Planning and Implementation Committee (SPIC)
• Sisters in Service (outreach ministry)
• Annual 3 Day Retreat in Mandeville
• Annual Day of Recollection
• Charity Day
• Annual Sixth Form School Leaving and Award Ceremony

Sixth Formers have two buildings dedicated to them; providing their own restroom, break room/lounge, library area with computers, as well as their own cafeteria.


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Sixth Form is coordinated by Mrs. A. Diah and Mrs. W. Watson