Home Economics


Home Economics Department


Home Economics is often referred to as Domestic Science but this is a misnomer. Home Economics discipline seeks to develop all aspects of family life as it relates to the wider community in order to improve the quality of everyone's life.

Students studying Home Economics have proven to be versatile and marketable in today's world. They are exposed to areas including:
Food and Nutrition
Home Economics Management
Clothing and Textiles
Human Relations
Health Education
Housing and Planning

Our Home Economics educators have worked extremely hard, going above and beyond the call of duty; thereby empowering our students to achieve successive passes of 100% at the CSEC and Cape Levels. Other successes have been achieved by our students through participation in parish and national competitions involving our 4H Club and Red Cross Society for which members of our Department are the advisors.

CSEC 2016
Textiles, Clothing and Fashion              92%
Food, Nutrition and Health                  100%
Family and Resource Management        98%

CAPE 2016
Food and Nutrition 2                     100%


Home Economics Educators:
Mrs. Z. Rose-Brown (Head of Department); Mrs. B. Stone; Miss L. McFarlane; Miss D. Mollison; Miss Henry-Gordon;                       Mrs. M. Ferguson Smith

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