MOTTO: "Teachers, Students and Parents: Working Together to Achieve More."  

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The Mathematics Department of Holy Childhood High School is empowering students by exposing them to a wide "range of Mathematical techniques" which are not only essential to their success in the CXC examinations, but are life skills critical to problem- solving and decision- making. We recognize the importance of students' ability to reason critically and logically as they make valid deductions and conclusions.

To this end, we are a team of highly motivated, dedicated and talented teachers - available to work with students of varying abilities and interests.


Grades 7 – 11:
Mathematics is a core subject offered to All students who will sit the CSEC Examination in Grade 11 at the General Proficiency level.
Additional Mathematics is offered at Grades 10 and 11. The more capable students are encouraged to take this subject as it is a prerequisite for Mathematics at the 6th Form level.


CSEC Past Papers for all Grade 11 Students to complete:

2010                          2013

2011                          2014

2012                          2015

Grades 12 – 13:
Pure Mathematics Unit 1      (601)
Pure Mathematics Unit 2      (602)

**Both subjects are offered at the CAPE level.

A Paradigm Shift: Making Mathematics Meaningful and Manageable to the Students.

A. The Mathematics Club is a dynamic group of students who are developing their critical and analytical skills through games, puzzles and other innovative activities; demonstrating to other students that Mathematics can be fun!!

B. Mathematical Modeling
Making Mathematics applicable to real life situations is the ongoing focus of each classroom teacher. Hence students produce projects and other creative models that relate the subject to Banking, Consumerism and other Environmental Issues. The students' collective work are displayed, for example on Open Day.

C. Intervention Programmes
We recognize our High Achievers and Most Improved students in Mathematics.
Grade 7:                 > 90% (on Common Test)
Grade 8:                 > 85%
Grade 9, 10 & 11:    >85%

Mathematics Workshops are held during regular class time and are topic based. Students will attend workshop based on their area of weakness. The content is presented in a new and interesting way by using relevant YouTube information and power point presentations developed by the Department and demonstrated via the Smart Board.

Mathematics Tutorials are held after school. Dedicated teachers offer their service, free of charge, to assist students who have challenges with the subject. There is a specific emphasis on students who are sitting external exams.

Curriculum Guides: Beginning at Grade 7, students and parents will have access to the complete curriculum guide for each Grade level. This is being done on a phased basis.

Grade 7 Curriculum

D. Achievements
University of the West Indies Mathematical Olympiad:
Since 2011 our students have entered this Competition and have made it to the finals. In 2011 Sherika Wright placed 4th in the island and was the reserve student to represent Jamaica in the international team.

CSEC 2016
Mathematics              83%

CAPE 2016
Pure Mathematics 1    75%
Pure Mathematics 2    28%

Members of the Department: Mrs. G. McCleary (Head of Department); Mrs. A. Diah; Mrs. K. Beckford-Thomas; Mr. C. Douglas; Miss L. Brown; Mrs. Y. Whyte-Jones; Mrs. H. Allen-Morris; Mrs. T. Gayle-Blake; Miss K. Gordon; Miss T. McIntosh; Miss D. Bailey; Mrs. K. Wellington-Coote