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Main Objectives of the Modern Languages Department:

1. To engage our pupils in meaningful, motivating and purposeful tasks that will help them to understand Spanish and French.

2. To motivate students to communicate their thoughts orally and in the written form in both languages.

3. To provide opportunities for cross-cultural interaction in order to understand, respect and appreciate the culture of other people.

4. To implement the functional approach methodology to enable the acquisition and development of the four basic skills necessary in learning a foreign language: listening with comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.



CSEC PASSES for 2016

French                        77%

Spanish                      82%


CAPE PASSES for 2016

French Unit 1              50%

French Unit 2             100%


Achievements of the Department

1. Participation in the Annual Career Day Activities through exhibitions, video presentations, and mini talks by foreign languages lecturers on Career Day. Brochures received from the Language Training Centre, Alliance Française and the University of the West Indies are supplied annually.

2. Participation in Extra-Curricular activities on Campus and at Other Institutions.

3. Open Days

4. Annual Spanish Carol Service held at Webster Memorial United Church

5. French Carol Service held at the Stella Maris Church and the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

6. UTECH International Day

7. St. Andrew High School Modern Languages Day

8. Francophone Day at U.W.I.

9. Spanish Cultural Displays and Fiesta held by the Language Training Centre

10. The Tour de France and French Competitions held by the Alliance Française.

11. Various Workshops held by the Ministry of Education, the Spanish Teachers Association, the Jamaica Association of French Teachers and the University of the West Indies.

12. The Promotion of Cross-Cultural Interaction. Small groups of students have traveled to Cuba (2006) and Panama 2002) in collaboration with Centro Latino Tours. Students have been communicating with many native speakers in the Club. In the past two years our enthusiastic executive members have introduced the members of the Club to the language and culture of the Korean and Japanese people.

The Department has been impressed by the involvement of many students in the Club. The various executive members have worked industriously and harmoniously over the years and have displayed excellent leadership skills.

13. Inter-clubbing with Kingston College and St. Georges College has also been a means of socialization and cultural interaction

14. Spanish and French Quiz Competitions (2010/2012). Many students representing Grades 7 to 11 participated. Winners were awarded with gold medals. Second place winners were given silver medals. All students who participated were given certificates of participation. Students who participated in the quiz demonstrated outstanding improvement in their examination results.


15. Successful Book Drive for the School’s Library:

Donors between 2003 and 2007:

Mrs. Julia Mendoza from the Embassy of Spain donated many colourful and informative magazines and CDs on a yearly basis.

Mrs. Joyce Sawyers-Royale, the former Costa Rican Ambassador visited the school on September 18, 2003 and donated 800 copies of Escuela para Todos, an informative book covering various topics. Some were donated to the library.

The Venezuelan Embassy, the Cuban Embassy and Alliance Française donated magazines, video cassettes and posters.

• The Department also received Spanish and French books from Food For the Poor through the instrumentality of Miss E. Edwards (current Librarian).

• The Department has recently received books and other school materials from the Jamaica Spanish Foundation as an expression of gratitude for our involvement in the annual Spanish Carol Services.



Members of the Department:

Mrs. C. Baron-Gray (Head of Department), Mr. Waugh, Mr. D. Davidson, Miss  A. Green, Miss M. Henclewood, Ms. S. Ledgister, Miss  E. Spencer, Mrs. T. Winter-Williams, Miss  V. Young