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Holy Cross Church in Kingston           Masjid in Kingston                               Synagogue in Kingston
(Christian Place of Worship)              (Muslim Place of Worship)                  (Jewish Place of Worship)



The Religious Education Department facilitates the teaching of World Religions; Health and Family Life Education, as well as Ethics. Students are prepared to sit Religious Education at the CSEC Level. The teachers in this Department work collaboratively with our two Guidance Counsellors to provide a holistic approach to the total development of each student.

Our students are practically engaged in the study of each course. Preparation for CSEC examinations include annual Field Trips to significant religious sites and events:

The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kingston                                     

The Holy Cross Church in Kingston
The Masjid in Kingston
The Jewish Synagogue in Kingston
Hindu Festivals
Rastafarian Camp


CSEC PASSES 2016                     

Religious Education           96%


The Department provides opportunities for students to meet religious leaders of other faiths and to engage in interfaith dialogue. At Holy Childhood, the Department is responsible for the organization and planning of major religious celebrations such as: First Friday Masses, Advent Carol Services, Lenten Devotions, Valedictory Masses and Days of Recollection for Students and Staff.

This holistic approach to teaching and learning has helped to shape the character of our students; allowing them to develop a strong faith in God, embrace discipline, appreciate strong morals and model good character.





Mr. G. Rickman, Mrs. G. Brown (Head of Department), Mrs. A. Peart-Carby, Sister Nicole Marie Watson, FMS, Mr. J. Harriott