The Science Department 



The Science Department is a very dynamic and innovative department that believes in transforming lives through the use of science and technology.

The subjects offered include:
CSEC - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science and Human and Social Biology.
CAPE - Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science.

Our students have participated in various events throughout the years. These include:
 Jamaica Civil Service Secondary Quiz competition (2014-2015). They were awarded 1st place.
 TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz Competitions
Science Club Past Achievements:

 Association of Science Teachers of Jamaica(ASTJ) Science quiz competition( GR 12-13) category- 2nd place (2013)
 1st place in the Science and Technology Standardization Quiz Competition, 2009
 School project - Compost heap.

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The department consists of 13 academic staff and 2 lab technicians.

Academic Staff Members:  Mrs. K. Foster-McFarlane, Ms. N. Francis,

Ms. S Stephens (Head of Department), Mrs. Abayomi, Mrs. Ishaq, Ms Banks, Ms. Laing, Mr. Bartley, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Watt, Mr. Wray

Lab Technicians: Ms. P. Thompson, Mr. S. Edwards            DSCN3357 12


CSEC Passes (%) 2016                                  
• Biology                              94%                            
• Chemistry                          70%                                  
• Physics                              75%
• Integrated Science              95%
• Human and Social Biology    73%


CAPE Passes (%) 2016
• Biology unit 1                     94%
• Biology unit 2                     96%
• Chemistry unit 1                 93%
• Chemistry unit 2                 81%
• Physics unit 1                     95%
• Physics unit 2                    100%
• Environmental Science 2     100%