The Social Studies Department


The Social Studies Department is a small but highly successful department. We are committed to teaching our students not only the Social Studies content but also equipping them to be and to become global citizens. 

Social Studies topics are complimented with field trips to famous historical and educational sites which provide students with first hand experiences. 


Annual Site visits include:

• Fort Charles (Port Royal)

• Meteorological Office of Jamaica (Kingston)

• Green Groto Caves (St. Ann)

• Hope Gardens and Zoo (St. Andrew)

• Two Sisters Cave (Hellshire)

• Outameni Attractions (Trelawny)


The subjects taught in the department are: Social Studies, Caribbean Studies, Sociology and the newest addition for the academic year 2014-2015 CAPE Tourism. We have the distinction of obtaining quality passes in the CAPE and CSEC Examinations. Our achievements speak for themselves. 

Our CSEC and CAPE Passes (%) 2016:           

Social Stds Dept2

Social Studies            96%                                                     

Caribbean Studies     100%
Sociology unit 1          95%
Sociology unit 2        100%

Tourism Unit 1          100%

Tourism Unit 2          100%






We can also boast about our very exciting and educational Open Day displays that receive rave reviews! We continually strive to challenge and motivate our students to be their best self. As the Jamaican saying goes "wi likkle but wi, tallawah!"


Our very dedicated members of the Department are:

Mrs. C. Hylton, Miss M. Rhone, Mrs. L. Boyd, Miss M. Campbell, Miss S. Campbell and
Mrs. S. Todd (Head of Department)