PDU Logo      Motto: Professionalism, Empowerment, Transformation (P.E.T)


The H.C.H.S. P.D.U. is a democratic body of teachers that aims to:

• Provide a community of teacher support system through collaborative coaching.
• Empower all members of staff through sustained, effective and relevant training.
• Facilitate and maintain effective lines of communication among all members of the school community.
• Foster and encourage Professionalism among members of the school community in all their endeavours.
• Keep members of the teaching and learning community updated with current trends in education.

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Teaching is a profession, the most noble that exists, some may argue. However, the training teachers receive during college years is not sufficient to sustain and enhance the level of professionalism being demanded by the profession and other partners in education. While it is incumbent on individual teachers to seek Professional Development, their respective place of employment can play a significant role in facilitating their growth in this area as well.

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It is with this in mind that the concept of this unit was birthed. A Unit that will, by example, model and facilitate the Professional Development of All our Staff at Holy Childhood High School; through various workshops, seminars and programmes to be initiated based on needs assessment conducted.

Members of the PDU


Chair: Ms. Coghiel

President: Mrs. Harrison

Secretary: Mrs. Beckford-Thomas


Ms. McFarlane

Ms. Mollison

Mrs. Laidley-Haynes

Ms. J. Green

Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Smith-Ferguson

Mrs. Diah

Ms. Chen

Mrs. Graham

Mrs. Dalrymple-McCallum

Mrs. Paisley-Kerr

Mr. Thomas

Ms. Grandison

Mrs. Pratt

Ms. Levy

Ms. Royal

Mrs. Grant-Serju

Ms. Francis

Mr. Harriott

Mr. Watt

Mrs. Watson

Mrs. Peart-Carby